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To Make a Good Adventure

I had some thoughts and I am writing them down!

Step One: Figure out the primary antagonist(s)

Someone is doing something. Who is it?

Step Two: Figure out what the antagonists want from the player character(s)

Since the best games, I feel, are personal, what does the antagonists want from the PCs? Do they want to show up the PCs? Sway them to their cause? Get revenge? Do the PCs have something the antagonists need to complete their dastardly plans? But the antagonists should want something from the player characters, either collectively or individually, to fuel their plans.

Step Three: Figure out what the antagonist(s)'s goals

What are they trying to do?

Step Four: Make the Adventure and/or Campaign

From there you can do the traditional work of making an adventure, with maps and encounters and all. But the framework should be to figure out WHY the villain wants to interact with the player characters.

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